Why Dave Ramsey is so Popular and Unpopular

Dave Ramey is an American financial author, radio host, television personality, and motivational speaker. His show and writings strongly focus on encouraging people to get out of debt.  I have listened to his radio show for many years and I must admit that I enjoy it.

Of course, I listen to other people who have called in to his show.  Most often they seek his advice about some financial matter, sometimes it is because they have painted themselves into a corner.

Well, get ready when you call in with a problem because Dave is going to share his unvarnished advice with you and he pulls no punches.

When I read Pastor Idleman’s words in Chapter 6 about financial reality, I thought of Dave.

The chapter is about denial and Idleman reports that the number one common example of denial is the person who spends the money and then does not want to open the bill.  That stuff drives Dave Ramsey crazy.  First of all, he preaches that if you can’t afford it, you don’t need it.  And if you have bought it and you are now heavily in debt, you had better be ready because when you call Dave, he is going to tell you to sell the nice car(s) and drive junkers, take an extra job or two, cancel the credit cards and go cash only and practice austerity until the debt is gone.  By practice austerity he means months and maybe years [it depends on the amount of debt] of not eating out, no vacations etc.  Essentially only expenditure for necessities [housing, basic transportation, running water, electricity and heat].

How’s that sit with you?

See why he is so unpopular?

Also, do you see why he has followers?

The followers focus on the feeling of freedom of being debt free.  You may have heard some of his success stories call up his radio show.  They call up to report that they have done “the plan” and now they are debt free!!!!!  Usually it is a family and they scream it over the phone.  Guess what, they sound happy.

Like Pastor Idleman says,  they have dealt with the humiliation,  they have dealt with the embarrassment, they have dealt with the pain and they realize it was all essential.

They have opened the bills and they have taken ownership

Denial of sin is very much like this.  We have done the sin but we don’t want to open the bill.  We don’t want to take ownership.  We want to go on with life as it is, acting like everything is ok.  It’s not.  Like a person heavily in debt, the Mercedes, the luxury motor home, the mansion, the exotic trips look great but they are not real.  In reality they are financed by a lending institution.  The creditor knows it.

Dave is so popular because he breaks down financial sin to a black and white world.  He is always saying that his “wisdom” is not “rocket science.”  It’s not.  It is just cold, hard truth.  Dave is so unpopular because he tells callers cold, hard truth.  They don’t want to hear it.

They would rather live in a word of denial.

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