Brutal Honesty: Ways to Avoid It

I am a sinner.

I am a sinner.

I am a sinner.

Hard to say isn’t it?

So far Pastor Idleman has discussed how we just can’t see ourselves in an honest way.  We can’t accept that identity that is really us.  We hide from it.  He has discussed how we can’t even face reality.  We deny that it exists.  Now he discusses in Chapter 7 how we project our sins, we place blame for our problems on others who indeed may be innocent.

What is he wanting us to say to ourselves when we look into the mirror?

I am a sinner.

What is he wanting us to say when we deny we are a sinner?

I am a sinner.

Now, what is he wanting us to do when we project our sin off on others?

Take responsibility and say,

I am a sinner.

It is just so hard to admit our failings and it is so common for Christians to put up the perfect façade. I was in a meeting at church with a “elder” woman of the church.  I refuse to call her elderly, even though most would call her that.  She is a brilliant woman, so knowledgeable about the Bible and so knowledgeable about life.  I can’t remember how the subject came up but the leader of the meeting was discussing a topic and she interrupted.  She had some things to confess to the group.  She talked about her health a little and a recent weight loss.  The weight loss was the segway that tied her comments in to the group.  We did not know she was going to stray away into confession.  She talked about how satan had taken her weight loss and used it to inflate her ego.  Soon, she said, she was spending too much money on clothing she did not need, racking up debts that could not be paid, for vanity.  She started getting emotional.  She felt awful that this had hurt her family’s budget.  She felt awful that she fell prey to satan’s temptations.

What were the rest of the people in the group doing?

Feeling uncomfortable, you know having that tight feeling across your shoulders.  Eye contact going everywhere except to this woman.  No one saying anything.  Just quiet…… What was she saying to her fellow Christians?

I am a sinner.

I am a sinner.

I am a sinner.

How did her fellow Christians handle her confession……not well.

She looked hard in the mirror and saw herself for what she was.  She did not deny reality; she accepted it.  She did not project her vanity problem onto her husband, her parents, her friends etc.  She took ownership.

I will never forget what she did.  I will never forget how poorly we responded.

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