The Devil Made Me Do It!

Pastor Idleman’s use of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is a perfect example of projection.

You have all heard the old expression of “The Buck Stops Here.”  The phrase was publicized by Harry S. Truman, one of my favorite presidents of all time.  Truman was a man from Missouri, an intelligent and plain-spoken man who was thrust into the presidency by the death of Franklin Roosevelt.  He had some tough decisions to make, the most famous one was the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan, which hastened the end of World War II with Japan.  It also killed 225,000 people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Many of them were non-combatants–women and children.

Roosevelt was not to blame. He had died.  Truman could have blamed his advisors but he didn’t.  Maybe he could have blamed his wife Bess, but that did not happen.  Truman weighed the pros and cons of dropping this new weapon and he did it and he took all the blame.

It changed the world.

America became a “superpower.”  Atomic weaponry was introduced to the world, the USSR especially.  The specter of atomic annihilation still lingers in the world as we consider what Iran can do with a bomb as well as terrorists.

I remember studying Truman in college and hearing my Modern American History professor say “After deciding to drop the bomb, Truman went to his private quarters and took a long nap.”   I was never sure that this was documented but Truman was asked about his decision to drop the bomb later in his life, “I knew what I was doing when I stopped the war … I have no regrets and, under the same circumstances, I would do it again.”

Back to the Garden of Eden.

Pastor Idleman writes of an imaginary dialogue between God and Adam.  Adam says “Yes, God.  I confess. I broke your command.  I have sinned and not obeyed your word.  Here and now I take responsibility for my rebellion.  I don’t deserve it but I humbly ask You for Your grace and mercy.” You know that did not happen.  There was a lot of passing the buck in the Garden.  Adam said that woman that you put here God, she made me do it.  [projection to Eve and God]  Eve said that serpent your created God, he made me do it.  [projection to the serpent and God] .

Ok, ok, the devil made them do it !

How many times have you heard that what man got from the Garden of Eden and this episode with Adam and Eve is the idea of original sin, that stain that we still struggle with to this day.

Think about it.  Maybe man also got a perfect example of projection, dodging responsibility, excuse making that lingers today.

When it is your time to take responsibility for your acts, which catch phrase rattles in your brain?

“The Devil Made Me Do It !”  or “The Buck Stops Here.”

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