“I’m Sure Everything Will Work Itself Out”

The title of today’s post is the subtitle of Chapter 10.

I admit it.

I have said this.

Why does Pastor Idleman use it as his subtitle?

Because passive people use this sentence all the time to justify their passivity.

Let’s break the sentence down.  “I’m sure” is the heart of the sentence and it is a pretty bold statement when you think about it.  Can we be sure?  Do we have the control we need to make that statement?  Can we say this with true confidence?

Not really.

“Everything will work itself out” is the dependent part of the sentence if you are a grammarian.  That part is true.  Everything does eventually “work itself out” but the question is, is it working out the best way it can?

I was once told that when you die, someone will come along and clean out your “in basket.”  This is an office reference that means when we have stuff that we need to do [the in basket] and death interrupts our life here on earth, we will leave a lot of things unfinished.  No worry.  There will be someone who will come along and clean up all those unfinished jobs.

Guess what?  You will have some jobs in that in basket that you have begun and not just anyone can finish them.

You need to finish them; no one else can do the work.

If you have the notion that “everything will work itself out” and that applies to all situations, you are kidding yourself.

If you are sitting around, hoping that someone else will take action for you, you are kidding yourself.

Pastor Idleman refers to Nehemiah who was given the task of rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem.  He and his workers were experiencing opposition from multiple fronts.  The worst opposition came from Jewish people who did not experience the Babylonian captivity that Nehemiah’s people experienced.  They mocked the efforts to build back the wall.  Eventually, the mockers became attackers as they  became hostile to Nehemiah and his builders.

It would have been so easy to stop.

Nehemiah could have said “Let’s quit, I’m sure everything will work itself out. Someone else will come along later and build this wall.”

That’s not what he said.

He said “pick up a sword and fight.”

Nehemiah is credited with building a New Jerusalem and what has come to be called the Second Temple.

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