Relying on Yourself

I am a golfer.  I am not consumed by the sport but I enjoy it and I can play reasonably well despite my age.

One of the big mysteries in recent years plaguing the sport is “what has happened to Tiger Woods?”  On track to dominate golf with 79 PGA Tour Wins including 14 major championships, his marriage crumbled in 2010 due to multiple episodes of infidelity.  He has never been the same since.

Pastor Idleman writes about the 2010 news conference where Woods met the press and confessed to all his sins.

It was not the confession that Pastor Idleman focuses on as much as Tiger’s recovery plan.

Tiger is a Buddhist.

I don’t know much about Eastern religions other than some flirtation I had with them in the early 70’s.  I was in college and had a teacher who was fascinated by Eastern religion and he sought to teach his classes with this worldview as his backdrop.

I really admired the guy.

Naturally since I admired the teacher [as a teacher], I warmed to his lessons based on Eastern religion.  I wondered about that path.

What Pastor Idleman says about Tiger is very much what I feel about this form of religious practice.  “He laid out his plan of action, telling the world what he was going to do…Buddhists have an eight-fold path, a religious walk that is based solely on an individual’s performance.”

This is the key.  This is why I moved away from my interest in Eastern religions.  I realized at the heart of it all is man taking action for man’s improvement and folks, we need to take action but we don’t have what it takes to do it all alone.

We have to rely on God.

Christianity is my religion because it has a heart other than just my heart.  There is a higher power that we can draw upon to help because like it or not, we just don’t have the strength to get to a better level on our own.

Paul writes “By the grace of God, I am who I am.” I am able to do many things because God enables me to. He will give me the strength to achieve my goals and accomplish my necessary responsibilities.

But to take credit myself, that is not appropriate.

Some Christians do just that.

They are what I call the “worker bee Christians.”  They are intent on working their way into heaven.  But despite all the work they do, they will never do enough.  We can’t do enough.  We have to rely on God.

Let’s don’t go the opposite direction.

We can’t sit and let God do it all.  God has given us all unique talents and abilities which He intends us to use.

Our problem is how much do we do?

As much as we can, giving God the glory and then let Him do the rest…because he is fully capable.

You know about Tiger, it’s all about him being good enough and really there is always something that he can do to clean up his act.  In fact there is a long list awaiting all of us every day.

Don’t rely on yourself to check off your “to do” list.

Rely on God.

“ For I will not trust in my bow, Nor will my sword save me. But You have saved us from our adversaries, and You have put to shame those who hate us.” – Psalm 44:7

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