The Too Late List….

My kids are too old.

My marriage is too broken.

My friend is too angry.

My reputation is too far gone.

My debt is overwhelming.

My addiction is too powerful.

My life is too messed up.

Pastor Idleman includes this sample list of “too lates” in Chapter 12.

Have you felt it was too late?  I have.  I get so discouraged with myself at times that I don’t think things will ever get better.

What’s going on with me?  I am sinning.

It’s shocking isn’t it?  No just honest.

I was reading in the Scripture of John [Chapter 3 verses 14 and 15] and I was very perplexed.  The Scripture reads “Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the desert, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes in Him may have eternal life.”

The words were from Jesus and it seems like he was comparing himself to a serpent.  I had to have help, so I went to my trusty Wycliffe Bible Commentary.  The commentary explained that the lifting of Jesus may mean two things: the ascension and also the raising of Jesus on the cross.  All men are inflicted with the deadly poison of sin and Jesus is our substitute.  He came into this world and had the likeness of sinful flesh but he was not sinful.  He just took the poison of the serpent for us.  In effect Jesus is our antidote.

What does this mean for us “too laters”?

It is not too late.

God promises eternal life for those who are honest with Him.  He knows we have weakness.  He made us.  He knows our frailties all too well.

I just spent the weekend with a person who was trying so hard to be perfect.  Her efforts are focused on her diet.  Guess what?  She did not seem to be a happy person.  I won’t be either if I set a goal that is unreasonable—perfection in anything.

I am a human.  I am weak.  I goof up from time to time.  Sometimes badly.

But it is not too late for me.

That “too late” talk is straight from the devil.  He wants us to believe that lie.  He wants us to lose hope.  Nothing makes him happier than a Christian who gives up.

Do you want to add your problem or problems to the too late list?

Don’t.  There is always tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the day you will begin to grow.

It all starts with I’m sorry God………

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