Getting Honest about Affirming God


As we leave Chapter Two, the first chapter that focuses on one of the five love languages, I believe it is very fitting to write about the most important words of affirmation that we will ever speak, the affirming words we speak to God.

Do you want to improve your relationship with another, a family member, a spouse, a friend?

Would you like to foster understanding between yourself and another through the expression of a love language that they need to hear, maybe even open another person up to the idea that they can fulfill some of your love language needs?

Maybe, we need to pray about this first.

Talking to God is not easy.

I have heard countless Christians say “I don’t know how to pray.”  Yet God needs to hear from all of us and Dr. Chapman knows that.

Let’s be honest.  If a person is talkative, he or she is going to have an easier time praying.  If a person has a creative mind, he or she is going to have an easier time praying.  Maybe if a person thinks more spiritual thoughts in a day’s time, it is easier to pray.

It does not matter.

God still wants to hear from all of us.

Dr. Chapman includes information about Martin Luther, King David and a guy named Jason at the end of Chapter Two.  Wonder why?  He wants us to know that affirming God is important for us to do.

I am going to be honest; I think that affirming God is very important but I have an up and down prayer life.  Maybe you do too.  I am an early morning prayer person.  Prayer flows from me when the coffee flows in.  As I wake up, I begin to feel better and that is when I have my best prayer time.   This is not to say that I don’t pray at various times throughout the day, I often do.  However my most focused prayers of the day are early morning.  That’s not the ideal time for many.  It is easy for me.

Still, there are days when I do not have satisfying prayers.  Praising God probably should be uppermost on my prayer list because He has blessed me so much in my life.  Intercession for others who are facing challenges probably should be uppermost on my prayer list but I sometimes do not feel the urge to pray for others.

I am being honest.  I pray about myself too much I think.

I am not proud of it; it just happens.

It is selfishness.

A couple of posts back [the one entitled “Being Other-Centered”] I wrote about how being selfish will impede the use of love language.  You won’t feel compelled to give a response another person needs if you are all wrapped up in yourself.

Maybe it is the same with God.  Prayer would be better if it is less about me a more about God and the needs of others.

As we consider love languages that we need and love languages we can express, let’s pray.

Let us pray God that You will show us what to do to find a new way of relating to others.  Let us pray God that You will use us to bring some positive expression in others’ lives.  Help us to understand that not receiving a love language we need is not the end of the world; that life is not about getting what we want all of the time.  Help us to understand that expressing love to another is not about manipulation but about giving and not counting the cost.  It is about giving and not keeping track of the debt.  It is about taking the time to make another person feel better, one of Your children God.  I know that  You can change me God.  In fact, if You change me, the change will be real.  I offer myself to You.  Use my language to fulfill the needs of others.  All praise and glory to You Lord.  Your will be done.


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