A Transformed Heart…

As I complete my last post on God Speaks Your Love Language, I have to admit that I have enjoyed commenting on the book.

I have always had a sincere interest in interpersonal relationships and Dr. Chapman’s book allowed me to work a lot of my ideas into the posts.

It is my opinion that most of us do not spend enough time working on our closest relationships, making them better, dealing with problems and trying to change.  What should be the most dear is often the most neglected in many cases.  We spend so much time with those around us that we take people for granted and that is a grievous error.

Again, what is the main point of God Speaks Your Love Language?

We must become aware of our own love language needs.   We must become aware of the predominant way we speak love language to others.  We must learn to be proficient in other love languages so we can do what God put us on earth to do…love our fellow man.

Dr. Chapman writes, “I have never met a couple who married with the intention of making each other miserable.  Most people want a loving, supportive, understanding spouse.  I’m convinced the fastest way to have such a spouse is to become a loving, supportive, understanding spouse.”

You may not be there yet.

That’s ok.

No one ever “arrives” while we are here on earth.

But that does not mean that the transformation process cannot get underway.

It can.

I wondered how I would post my last comments on this book and as I was having quality time with the Lord this morning, I put my coffee cup down on an old Adult Sunday School book that my wife keeps beside the bed in the room where I go to be with God.  On the book it says “A Transformed Heart is a Work in Progress.”

That’s exactly what I want to leave you with.

Maybe you have learned that there are areas in your relationships that need improvement.  Maybe you have felt a bit convicted that you have stopped giving your relationships your best.   Maybe you have found yourself in the habit of blaming the other person for problems you both have.

But now you know that this type of stuff needs to stop.

That’s significant.

Do you have the courage to change?  Do you want things to be better?  Do you want the relationships that God has promised you that you will have?

The transformed heart is a work in progress.

Now is the time to move forward.  Now is the time to make some progress.  My Grandfather Mason said “Now is the time to commence!”

In Ephesians 2: 21-22, Paul writes that “In him [Jesus Christ] the whole building is joined together and rises to become a holy temple in the Lord.  And in Him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit.”

Truly God intends all of us to be works in progress.

If you have learned, if you have been convicted, if you are aware of your habits, let God take you to new places in your relationships with people on this earth.

Let God take you to new places in your relationship with Him.

It’s all about words of affirmation, physical touch, quality time, giving gifts, and acts of service.

Apply these concepts to your life for your loved ones.  Apply these concepts to your life for our Lord and Savior.

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