Meet Your Author…Pastor Francis Chan

As we begin a new book, I am on fire.

One of the best Adult Sunday School teaching experiences I have ever had was with the slim volume we are now studying, “Crazy Love” by Pastor Francis Chan.

Chan has a way of waking up the sleeping church and as he wakes you up, you will want more and more from him.

If you are a member of St. John, and subscribed to Right Now Media, you will see companion videos for each chapter.  They are short intro. videos but they may help you get the main point of the chapter.  Log on to Right Now Media and watch along as we study the chapters.  If you are following this blog but not a member of St. John and want to see the video, you can access them on youtube but the quality is not as good.

With apologies to Wikipedia, here is a little information about Pastor Chan:

“Chan was born in San Francisco to native Chinese parents. His father named Francis after the city of his birth. Francis Chan’s mother died giving birth to him. After Chan’s father remarried, when Chan was about 7 years old, his stepmother died in a car accident when he was 9 years old. His father remarried again when he was 10. His father then died of cancer when Chan was 12 years old. Francis Chan was then raised by his stepmother Josephine Chan along with his older sister Grace, older brother Paul and much younger half-sister, Gloria. He had family support from his father’s younger sister and her husband, Marion and William Wong, along with a large extended family and church family. He did not get along well with his father growing up, but says that his fear of his father has helped him understand a level of fear of God. He also stated he didn’t understand the love of God well until he became a father himself. As a high-school and then junior-college student, Chan was active in Christian youth groups which helped develop his faith in Christ and his interest in ministry. Before becoming a senior pastor, Francis worked for a variety of employers including Taco Bell, Mic Pizza, Kirby Company, Ralphs Market, Broadway Men’s Clothing, hardwood flooring contractors, and the Acapulco restaurant. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Master’s College and a Master of Divinity degree from Master’s Seminary. After a three-month leave from Cornerstone Church, Francis said he felt convicted to sacrifice more for God. Chan gives away about 90 percent of his income, doesn’t take a salary from his church, and has donated most of his book royalties, which have totaled about $2,000,000, to various charities. Much of it goes to organizations which rescue sex slaves in foreign countries.”  Furthermore, in 2008 it was reported that Cornerstone would give away 55% of its income to charitable causes.   In September 2014, Chan joined the board of elders of Abundant Life Christian Fellowship in Mountain View, California.”

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